is a non commercial project. Help it stay online :
€ (EUR)   Donate this on every month is the place used by Shangri-l to provide various web things.

Concerts by a simple and straightforward concert announcement service with geolocation, maps, flyer support

Clewn's Netaudio Lovers : netaudio/netlabels/bedroom labels' releases reviewing platform for discoveries and shares of great albums

Launched in May 2017. Discover new music, rate it, post reviews.

Audio storage facility for CreRo netlabel CMS instances

Initially started in 2012 as a storage service for online audio, unlimited, free and supporting flac and hotlinking, now no longer provides a front end for accessing the audio collection ; instead of that it can be used as a media serving tiers for website propelled by CreRo, a free software CMS written for the purpose of creating a website for Shangri-l's label, Crem Road records.
Anyone can use CreRo to setup a label website, and, if needed, add audio at Clewn's storage, which can interface with a CreRo install. Then, Clewn can host the audio and you won't need a big hosting plan to run your CreRo front-end.

Yellowpage of Crero instances

Clewn provide a free yellopage of live CreRo instances that can be found here

Clewn is also hosting Wumzle Radio, a radio born in 2008 (already...) focusing on lesser kwown music

And also Crewn Clewn radio centered on much free music to be reused for tube videos and so on
And also some few other bytes round here like ZC Virtual Underground Art Gallery, an art group using free/open licenses mainly for its art works, existing since 2008 and couting now more than a dozen of artist members
and also some other few things that aren't worth a mention here that you may find while googling.