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Proud non-commercial hosting of independent projects since 2012

We updated our server (see below for status of each project) and work is required for some of them to work again properly. Speed up the process with a donation, maybe ;) ?

Open Internet by Clewn.org

Clewn sets up free internet access wifi hotspots in various locations. You can make a donation if you find this useful.


Janmesh.net (Joint Access Mesh Networking) is a citizen-operated intiative of neighbour-to-neigbhour local networks using (mainly) wifi. The more stations join, the more the range extends.

Crem Road records

A music record label

Clewn's Crero label sites yellowpages

A simple YellowPages listing label or other alike sites propelled by CreRo, the AGPL'ed CMS used to propel Crem Road records initially

Clewn Concerts

A simple concert announcement service

2022 09 17: Currently BROKEN due to server update. Upload of flyer not working


A tool to put online local information and pictures of posters

2022 09 17 : Same state as Clewn Concerts


Crero, the publish-web-music CMS coded for Crem Road records

Clewn Audio

A on-demand service for hosting audio files that can be used with Crero

Wumzle Radio

This has been a webradio for lesser-known music. It was born in September 2008. In September 2022 it has retired, but has now a hobby, which is to serve for on-demand download some tracks that it used to feature and that are now hard or impossible to find anywhere on the web (with, always, authorisation from the musicians, who, in any case, never delegated their rights management to a collective right management society).

ZC Virtual Underground Art Gallery

The (in)famous collective of contemporary artists who created things like The Moellon Project or most of Pixel Art Obscur production
Clewn.org is brought to you by Nicolas "Shangri-l" Chartoire

Defunct projects

Loficlopedia dot org

Random lofi-music related things

Garage Is

A collaborative platform for reviewing music releases
contact: wumzleradio@clewn.org