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Secret Society of French Webradios : Wumzle Radio Radio Giroll RSR La Radio Oxyradio

Wumzle Radio

The best independent and lesser-known music from the 2000's to eternity

Listeners, pump up or down tracks to determine how often they are played
Bands, submit your track, join the permanent contest for airplays through votes

Since 2008 - Version 6 - Audio format is Ogg Vorbis
Want to support us ? Then share this page ! Submissions : send your 64kbps ogg track - Questions ?

Wumzle Radio Hall of Fame

#1Me In The BathRight Plot117
#2Contronthank god for those ppl youll always love in some sad strange way, thank god for theses xanax pills they made me feel a little less insane24
#3Matmixsexy christ23
#4Me In The BathSgnos 0318
#5Meat MachineNested13
#6the NIGHTCHILDCloser12
#7Gorbie's StuffSomethin (2)11
#8Me In The Bath0311
#9Shorthand PhoneticsLuck Is All. .10
#10Fukked UpJealousy10