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Crem Road

The raw sound from the underground. Lofi, noise pop, garage rock and underground electro. 150+ releases. Unlimited streaming and download. Creative Commons music.
357 points of instant popularity bogo score
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General styles: rock, lofi, noisepop, electronic, folk, alternative, garage

Crem Road artists:
Brainless On Line (poppunk, punk-rock) 1998-2000
Beatles II (alternative-rock, reggae-rock) 2001-2002
Gorbie's Stuff (powerpop-punk, popnoise, rock) 2004-2005
Still Living Creature (electronic, IDM, alternative-house) Since 2007
Nicolas Chartoire (lofi, minimal-folk, alternative, poprock) 2008-2010
The Kuang (indie, alternative) 2008-2009
Me In The Bath (noisepop, lofi, garage, rock) Since 2010
Thcoreba Thmano (garage-reggae, power-noise) Since 2011
Nacso (noisyp-hop) 2012
DidJaws (electronic, IDM) Since 2013
Silence International (acoustic, alternative-rock) Since 2017
TwitBob (supercollider, #sc140, #sc280) Since 2018
Bubble Bath Bob (electroacoustic, fusion) Since 2018
The Big Circus Project (alternative, pop-punk, instrumental) Since 2021

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Frequently Asked Question about Clewn's YellowPages

How can I have my CreRo instance listed here?

Check that list of url in the crero_yp_services option of your CreRo admin panel includes https://clewn.org/yp/ ; this option sets the list of yellowpages servers that your CreRo installation will ping.

What is CreRo ? How do I install it ?

CreRo is a free software CMS for record label/netlabel websites, written in php, not needing a database, runing on any web server including mutualisation plans. You'll find more information and downloads at crero.clewn.org .

What is Clewn's free and unlimited audio hosting ?

Clewn.org is a free web service, ran by a small collective of musicians and netlabel maintainers, that provides, besides the above yellopages, free file hosting for audio, that is meant to feed label websites that are using the CreRo CMS.

How can I have the audio of my CreRo install hosted by Clewn ?

You got to setup on your own hosting plan a CreRo installation and configure it to talk with Clewn Audio's servers -which is an easy task completely explained in CreRo documentation. This is the simplest possible CreRo configuration-. Then you can upload your audio to Clewn Audio and it will automatically be featured on your CreRo-powered website.

Can you set up a CreRo installation for me ?

If you just need assistance to deploy your install, this can be done as commercial CreRo support. If you would like just to buy a subscription to have a server up and running, it is suggested to get in touch with other labels. Sale of commercial hosting can be considered only if there is 5 to 10 accounts subscribed to it, otherwise the per-subscription fee would be too high.

Which labels do currently use the Clewn service ?

We run a service of yellowpages of any public CreRo install with yp announcement turned on. Please see the list at the top of this page. Registering to our yellopages services is free of charge, it is published as is and funded by donations.

How do I get in touch ?

Please write to date@clewn.org ; we will schedule an online meeting with you.
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